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How it Works

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Our Technology

Muzzy Lane Author is a fully modern platform hosted on Amazon Web Services. All content is based on native web protocols and runs in the browser on any device, including phones. We support LMS integration through Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) and Google Classroom. You also can create assignments directly on the Author platform.

Collaborative Authoring

Develop simulations with your colleagues quickly and cost effectively with Muzzy Lane.

Automated Assessment

Add feedback into your simulations that you would give struggling students if you were meeting with them individually. Scale your instructional practice while providing better guidance.


Make better use of data with insights from Muzzy Lane's sophisticated reporting capabilities.

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"I've been using Muzzy Lane products for a number of years and can attest to their cutting-edge technology, focus on the student experience, and openness to feedback from users. As an instructor, I use Muzzy Lane simulations because they promote critical thinking and problem solving, which are important career readiness skills. The activities allow students to analyze information, make decisions, and quickly see outcomes - something I couldn’t do in my classes in the past!"
Patrick Soleymani
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs & Associate Professor of Management
George Mason University

Building Sims with Muzzy Lane

Building a sim with Muzzy Lane
Our goal is to get you productive using our tools as quickly as possible. And we will be there to support you every step of the way.


What skill, ability or knowledge do you want to teach or assess? The more active you keep students, the more effective your simulation will be. Identify clear learning objectives and outcomes, make a list of the assets you’ll need, and develop a scoring strategy. You can award or deduct points for as many categories as you want to measure. What kind of data would you like to see once learners have completed the simulation?


Select one of the Muzzy Lane Author templates to build your simulation. There are several to choose from and it’s worth familiarizing yourself with them as you’re getting started. After that, develop a rough draft of your simulation. 


Test your simulation with subject matter experts, instructors, and students. Is the challenge level high enough? Too high or too low? Make adjustments as needed to get just the right pacing and engagement. It’s simple and cost effective to make changes with no one between you and your content. 


Show time! Once you go live, Muzzy Lane generates a dashboard with everything you need to know about student usage, including attempts, completions, average score, and time on task. You can use the simulation in multiple courses “as is” or as the basis for new simulations as you expand your content library. 

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