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About Us

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Our Mission

Founded in 2002, Muzzy Lane initially built custom learning solutions, drawing on the team’s background in designing and delivering award-winning simulations and games.

To do this at scale, we announced a new set of authoring tools in 2015. These tools helped our partners build their own simulations. Our goal is to get thousands of educators, instructional designers, and course developers building with Muzzy Lane.

We seek to replace static, linear content with dynamic, immersive content that allows learners to get inside the real life skills they need to master.

We recognize that learners need all of the help and encouragement they can get, and that in today’s increasingly virtual learning environment, access to teachers, mentors, and other supports may not always be available. Simulations created with Muzzy Lane add value to these resources, helping learners think critically to solve problems that don’t have simple right-or-wrong answers.

We believe in empowering teachers, not replacing them. 

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Our Team

Muzzy Lane’s project managers, designers, and engineers collaborate with you to bring your simulations to life. From the first day of training until the moment you’re ready to publish a sim-enabled course, we have the expertise to make your project successful. We also can help you analyze and act upon student data once your course goes live.

Our Leaders

David McCool

President & CEO

Dave is President and CEO of Muzzy Lane. Since founding the company, Dave’s goal has been to build technology that empowers authors to create compelling online experiences and helps students practice skills with guidance and feedback. Dave was previously involved in the founding of 2 successful startups. He graduated from MIT with a BSEE in 1987.

Jeff Fiske

VP of Production

Jeff is VP of Production at Muzzy Lane and is responsible for making sure our partners are successful using our tools. He has a long track record developing games and simulations for education and entertainment. He was a cofounder of Tilted Mill Entertainment.

“I had a great experience working with Muzzy Lane on the development of three simulations for our course HIS350: World War I. HIS350 is our most popular upper-level history course year after year and is also one of the most highly evaluated by students. It is a credit to their development process and the Author tool that the simulations have continued to run smoothly for each group of students in the course since 2016, even as we changed our LMS.”
Mary Berkery
Faculty Program Director, History and Cornerstone
Excelsior College

Find out what Muzzy Lane can do for your curriculum.