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While at the EDUCAUSE 2022 conference, Muzzy Lane CEO Dave McCool provided a sneak peak into its upcoming skills-based courseware solution for employers and higher education institutions as well as learners. Their simulation program is meant to provide a full ecosystem to address the credentialing gap.

For over 39 million adults who have attended college but do not have a college degree, the company recognizes that credentials are the currency for advancement in education and the workforce. For students, the courses are available directly from Muzzy Lane. Through LTI integration, two- or four-year colleges can add modules to any of their courses in their normal programs of study. Employers can create individualized programs that access durable skills needed for the workforce. 

Muzzy Lane’s authoring platform is an alternative, ready-made option to skills courseware, allowing their programs to be tailored and customized to individual institution’s needs, while appearing to be their own content. Students, especially those who have not completed a degree program or require proof of specific skills to advance in their career, are still able to flexibly access coursework, on their own time, and receive credentials that credibly authenticate their skills.

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