Participatory Chinatown

Participatory Chinatown is an online, 3D game designed to be part of the master planning process of Boston's Chinatown. Players assume the roles of 15 different residents to get a better understanding of their individual problems and concerns.

Participatory Chinatown was designed with Eric Gordon and the Engagement GAme Lab at Emerson College, the Asian Community Development Corporation, and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council. The Chinatown 3D environment was developed with photographs of Chinatown taken by Chinatown youth, and developed into 3D models with MAPC. The game avatars were developed from profiles created by the youth, based on interviews with Chinatown residents. The game was used as part of the 2010 master planning process.

The game won the 2011 Game for Change Festival award for Direct Impact, in a tie with Jane McGonigal's EVOKE project.