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First public showing of Making History: The Great War at PAX East and on Steam (This was first published at the Strategy Informer website in April 2014) April 2014 was a big month for us here at Muzzy Lane, and for Making History: The Great War. First we launched TGW on Steam’s Early Access, and then showed it to some of the 70,000 plus gamers at PAX East 2014. These two milestones mark the first time anyone outside Muzzy Lane has gotten a chance to see and play the game, and the response was pretty remarkable. For those unfamiliar with PAX, it is one of the premier game conferences on the planet, with annual shows in Seattle, Boston, and Australia. The Boston event draws more than 70,000 people annually for the 3-day event. For us, it was a fantastic opportunity to see people playing our game and ask them about it. As an added draw, we also had a prototype Steam Controller that one of our engineers brought back from Steam Dev Days, a developer event hosted by Valve in Seattle this past January.

Muzzy Lane creates and deploys multiplayer 3D games for Education, Corporate Training, and Healthcare. We partner with publishers to deliver highly immersive experiences to their customers that are mapped to their goals, whether that be learning, training, or patient education.

Our Sandstone platform allows our games to be written once and delivered on Mac, Windows, Web, iPad, and Android devices. Our Cloud based service provides content delivery, LMS integration for single sign on and assessment, and hosting multiplayer games. Our game engine technology is flexible and adapts readily to the proper game mechanics for the task at hand.

Sandstone is being used today to deliver learning experiences for Marketing and Political Science in Higher Education, Language Learning, History, and Science in K-12, retail sales training, and behavior modification for smoking cessation. Muzzy Lane also publishes a line of games in the history space that see crossover adoption between the commercial market and education.

If you are a publisher and want to harness the “learn by doing” power of multiplayer games to help your customers achieve better learning outcomes call or email us and we’d be happy to help.

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